Komatsu D375A-6 Bulldozer Field Assembly Manual

Komatsu D375A-6 Bulldozer Field Assembly Manual (Serial Number: 60001 and up)

COMPLETE Field Assembly Manual for the Komatsu D375A-6 Bulldozer. It provides you with everything you need to know in order to assembly your Komatsu D375A-6 Bulldozer safely and effectively. Step-by-step assembly procedure, parts installation, adjustment and maintenance procedure after completion of assembly.

SERIAL NUMBERS: 60001 and up

Field Assembly Manual Contains:
Precautions for field assembly
Disposal of removed parts
Assembly procedure, necessary equipment, and schedule
Layout of kit
Style for transportation
Table of tools for field assembly
Tightening torque
Coating materials list
Selection of wire ropes used for assembly
A. Assembly
A-1 Installation of chassis
A-2 Installation of undercarriage
A-3 Adding oil to recoil chamber and pivot chamber
A-4.1 Installation of engine air inlet hood
A-4.2 Installation of engine air pre-cleaner (if equipped)
A-5 Installing direction of exhaust pipe
A-6 Installation of high-mount head lamp (if equipped)
A-7 Installation of blade lift cylinder
A-8 Installation of cylinder yoke grease hose (if equipped)
A-9 Installation of ripper
A-10 Installation of right and left service center boxes at rear of fenders (if equipped)
A-11 Installation of grease hose of ripper pin (if equipped)
A-12 Installation of track
A-13 Assembly of blade
A-14 Installation of grease hose of blade joint (if equipped)
A-15 Installation of blade
A-16 Installation of operator’s cab
A-17 Installation of rear monitor camera (if equipped)
A-18 Installation of additional cab lights (if equipped)
A-19 Installation of ROPS guard
A-20 Installation of VHMS, ORBCOMM antenna (if equipped)
A-21 Installation of platform (if equipped)
A-22 Check track tension.
A-23 Check fuel, coolant and lubricants
A-24 Bleeding air from hydraulic cylinders
A-25 Lubricating
A-26 Installation of fuel quick charge piping (if equipped)
M. Check and maintenance procedures after completion of assembly
M-1 Check and adjustment of operator’s cab
M-2 Inspection of machine monitor
M-3 Checking operation of dual tilt mechanism (If equipped)
M-4 Setting procedure for USER ADJUST MODE
M-5 Setting procedure for maximum cooling fan speed
M-6 Check of engine emergency stop switch
M-7 Check of operation of lamps
M-8 Replacement of return filter (Replacement of standard filter → special flushing parts)
M-9 Flushing of hydraulic circuit, and bleeding air from hydraulic cylinders (Part 1)
M-10 Replacement of return filter (Replacement of special flushing parts → standard filter)
M-11 Bleeding air from hydraulic cylinders (Part 2)
APPENDIX 1. Installation procedure for spill guard (Installation by welding)
APPENDIX 2. Precautions for initialization procedures for VHMS controller
Field assembly inspection report


** Model Specification: Komatsu D375A-6 Bulldozer
** Language: English
** Total Pages: 240
** File Format: PDF
** Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader
** Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac, Linux OS, Iphone, Ipad, Android etc…


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