Gehl CT7-23 Turbo Telescopic Handler Operator’s Manual

Gehl CT7-23 Turbo Telescopic Handler Operator’s Manual #1

This is the COMPLETE Operator’s Manual for the Gehl CT7-23 Turbo Telescopic Handler.

This Manual Describes Procedures for Operation, Handling, Lubrication, Maintenance, Checking, and Adjustment. It Will Help The Operator or anyone Realize Peak Performance Through Effective, Economical and Safe Machine Operation and Maintenance.

Operator’s Manual Contains:
Table of Contents
Identification of the Telescopic Handler
Dimension and Load Chart
Additional Safety Reminders
Before Operation Safety Reminders
Operation Safety Reminders
Servicing Safety Reminders
Modification, Nameplates, Markings and Capacities
Safety Guards and Warning Devices
Safety Decal Locations
A – Before Starting the Telescopic Handler
B – Operator’s Instructions
C – Environment
D – Visibility
E – Starting the Telescopic Handler
F – Operating the Telescopic Handler
G – Stopping the Telescopic Handler
H – Driving the Telescopic Handler on a Public Highway
I – Driving the Telescopic Handler with a Front-Mounted Attachment
J – Operating the Telescopic Handler with a Trailer
Instructions for Handling a Load
K – Choice of Attachments
L – Mass and Center-Of-Gravity of Load
M – Transverse Attitude of the Telescopic Handler
N – Picking Up a Load on the Ground
O – Picking Up a High Load
P – Setting Down a High Load
Q – Suspended Loads
1 – Operator’s Seat
2 – Safety Belt
3 – Control and Signal Lamp Panel
4 – Boom Mounted Work Lights, Option
5 – Switch Panel
6 – Light Switch, Horn and Indicator Switch
7 – Ignition Switch
8 – Brake Fluid Reservoir and Windshield Washer Access Panel
9 – Brake Fluid Reservoir
10 – Windshield Washer Reservoir
11 – Fuse and Relay Access Panel
12 – Fuses and Relays
13 – Cab Interior Light
14 – Accelerator Pedal
15 – Service Brake Pedal and Transmission Cut-off
16 – Shift Lever and Transmission Cut-off
17 – Forward/Reverse Lever
18 – Parking Brake Lever
19 – Steering Mode Selection
20 – Hydraulic Controls and Transmission Cut-Off
21 – Load Charts
22 – Heater / Air Conditioning Controls
23 – Cab Air Filters
24 – Windshield Defroster
25 – Heater Vents
26 – Door Lock
27 – Locking Handle for Upper Half Door
28 – Releasing Button for Upper Half Door
29 – Handle for Rear Window Opening
30 – Manual Holder
31 – Front Lights
32 – Rear Lights
33 – Engine Block Heater
34 – Inclinometer
35 – Steering Wheel Positioning Handle
36 – Radio
37 – Cigar Lighter and 12-VDC Accessary Outlet
38 – Attachment Hydraulic Control for Continuos Operation
39 – Hydraulic Attachment Locking
Tow Pin
A – Tow Pin
B – Trailer Electric Connector
Use of Options
1 – Boom Ride Control
2 – Reversible Fan
3 – Second Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit with Hydraulic Attachment Locking
Gehl Original Equipment Service Parts
Filter Cartridges and Belts
Lubricants and Fuel
Maintenance Instructions
General Instructions
Lubricant and Fuel Levels
Hydraulic Systems
Electrical Systems
Washing the Telescopic Handler
Storage Instructions
Preparing the Telescopic Handler
Protecting the Engine
Protecting the Telescopic Handler
Returning the Telescopic Handler into Service
Towing the Telescopic Handler
Lifting the Telescopic Handler
Loading the Telescopic Handler on a Trailer
Loading the Telescopic Handler
Tying Down the Telescopic Handler
Service Schedule
A – Daily or Every 10 Hours of Service
B – Every 50 Hours of Service
C – Every 250 Hours of Service
D – Every 500 Hours of Service
E – Every 1000 Hours of Service
F – Every 2000 Hours of Service
G – Periodic Maintenance
H – Every Two Years
General Information
New Decal Application
Decal Locations
Installing Attachments
A – Attachment without Hydraulics and Hydraulic Locking Device
B – Hydraulic Attachment and Hydraulic Locking Device
Technical Specifications of Attachments
Load Zone Charts
Torque Specifications


** Model Specification: Gehl CT7-23 Turbo Telescopic Handler
** Language: English
** Total Pages: 96
** File Format: PDF
** Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader
** Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac, Linux OS, Iphone, Ipad, Android etc…


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