Principles of Economics, 3rd Edition

Principles of Economics, 3rd Edition eTextbook by Moore McDowell; Rodney Thom; Ivan Pastine; Robert H. Frank; Ben Bernanke

Complete eTextbook Content:
Part 1: Introduction
1. Thinking Like An Economist
2. Markets, Specialisation and Economic Efficiency
3. Markets, Supply, Demand and Elasticity
Part 2: Competition and the ‘Invisible Hand’
4. Demand: The Benefit Side of the Market
5. Perfectly Competitive Supply: the Cost Side of the Market
6. Efficiency and Exchange
7. Profits, Entry and Exit: The Basis for the ‘Invisible Hand’
Part 3: Market Imperfections 1: Market Power
8. Imperfect Competition and the Consequences of Market Power
9. Thinking Strategically 1: Interdependence, Decision Making and the Theory of Games
10. Thinking Strategically 2: Competition Among the Few
Part 4: Market Imperfections 2: Externalities, Information, Distribution and the Role of the Government in a Market Economy
11. Externalities and Property Rights
12. The Economics of Information
13. Labour Markets, Income Distribution, Wealth and Poverty
14. Government in the Market Economy: Public Sector Production and Regulation
15. The Credit Crunch and the Great Contraction: An Application of Some Micro-economics to Help Explain a Macro-economic Crisis
Part 5: Macroeconomics: Issues and Data
16. Macroeconomics: the Bird’s Eye View of the Economy
17. Measuring Economic Activity: Gross Domestic Product
18. Measuring the Price Level and Inflation
19. The Labour Market: Wages and Unemployment
Part 6: The Economy in the Long Run
20. Economic Growth, Productivity and Living Standards
21. Capital Markets: Saving, Investment and Financial Intermediaries
Part 7: The Economy in the Short Run
22. Short-Term Economic Fluctuations
23. Money and Interest Rates
24. The IS-LM Model
25. Stabilising the Economy 1: the Role of Fiscal Policy
26. Stabilising the Economy 2: the Role of Monetary Policy
27. Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply and Inflation
28. The New Keynesian Phillips Curve: Expectations and Inflation Policy
Part 8: The International Economy
29. Exchange Rates, Capital Flows and the Balance of Payments

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Name: Principles of Economics 3rd Edition
Author: Moore McDowell; Rodney Thom; Ivan Pastine; Robert H. Frank; Ben Bernanke
Edition: 3
ISBN-10: 0077132734
ISBN-13: 978-0077132736
Type: eTextbook

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