Introductory Statistics: Exploring the World Through Data 3rd Edition

Introductory Statistics: Exploring the World Through Data 3rd Edition eTextbook by Robert Gould, Rebecca Wong, Colleen Ryan

Complete eTextbook Content:
1: Introduction to Data
1.1 What Are Data?
1.2 Classifying and Storing Data
1.3 Investigating Data
1.4 Organizing Categorical Data
1.5 Collecting Data to Understand Causality
2: Picturing Variation with Graphs
2.1 Visualizing Variation in Numerical Data
2.2 Summarizing Important Features of a Numerical Distribution
2.3 Visualizing Variation in Categorical Variables
2.4 Summarizing Categorical Distributions
2.5 Interpreting Graphs
3: Numerical Summaries of Center and Variation
3.1 Summaries for Symmetric Distributions
3.2 What’s Unusual? The Empirical Rule and z-Scores
3.3 Summaries for Skewed Distributions
3.4 Comparing Measures of Center
3.5 Using Boxplots for Displaying Summaries
4: Regression Analysis: Exploring Associations between Variables
4.1 Visualizing Variability with a Scatterplot
4.2 Measuring Strength of Association with Correlation
4.3 Modeling Linear Trends
4.4 Evaluating the Linear Model
5: Modeling Variation with Probability
5.1 What Is Randomness?
5.2 Finding Theoretical Probabilities
5.3 Associations in Categorical Variables
5.4 Finding Empirical Probabilities
6: Modeling Rando Events: The Normal and Binomial Models
6.1 Probability Distributions Are Models of Random Experiments
6.2 The Normal Model
6.3 The Binomial Model (Optional)
7: Survey Sampling and Inference
7.1 Learning about the World through Surveys
7.2 Measuring the Quality of a Survey
7.3 The Central Limit Theorem for Sample Proportions
7.4 Estimating the Population Proportion with Confidence Intervals
7.5 Comparing Two Population Proportions with Confidence
8: Hypothesis Testing for Population Proportions
8.1 The Essential Ingredients of Hypothesis Testing
8.2 Hypothesis Testing in Four Steps
8.3 Hypothesis Tests in Detail
8.4 Comparing Proportions from Two Populations
9: Inferring Population Means
9.1 Sample Means of Rando Samples
9.2 The Central Limit Theorem for Sample Means
9.3 Answering Questions about the Mean of a Population
9.4 Hypothesis Testing for Means
9.5 Comparing Two Population Means
9.6 Overview of Analyzing Means
10: Associations between Categorical Variables
10.1 The Basic Ingredients for Testing with Categorical Variables
10.2 The Chi-Square Test for Goodness of Fit
10.3 Chi-Square Tests for Associations between Categorical Variables
10.4 Hypothesis Tests When Sample Sizes Are Small
11: Multiple Comparisons and Analysis of Variance
11.1 Multiple Comparisons
11.2 The Analysis of Variance
11.3 The ANOVA Test
11.4 Post-Hoc Procedures
12: Experimental Design: Controlling Variation
12.1 Variation Out of Control
12.2 Controlling Variation in Surveys
12.3 Reading Research Papers
13: Inference without Normality
13.1 Transforming Data
13.2 The Sign Test for Paired Data
13.3 Mann-Whitney Test for Two Independent Groups
13.4 Randomization Tests
14: Inference for Regression
14.1 The Linear Regression Model
14.2 Using the Linear Model
14.3 Predicting Values and Estimating Means

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Name: Introductory Statistics: Exploring the World Through Data 3rd Edition
Author: Robert Gould, Rebecca Wong, Colleen Ryan
Edition: 3rd
ISBN-10: 013518892X
ISBN-13: 978-0135188927
Type: eTextbook

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