Comprehensive Stress Management 14th Edition Test Bank by Jerrold Greenberg

Comprehensive Stress Management 14th Edition Test Bank by Jerrold Greenberg

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Name: Comprehensive Stress Management 14th Edition
Author: Jerrold Greenberg
Edition: 14
ISBN-10: 0078028663
ISBN-13: 9780078028663
Type: Test Bank

From Chapters: 01-17 (Complete Chapters), Odds and Evens

The file contains COMPLETE Test Bank questions to ALL chapters in the main textbook.

Test Bank contains questions and answers that Professors will use them as questions in the quizzes/ exams.

Answers in test bank always provide with hints, explainations, and sometimes the steps or “work done” to complete the problem.

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This test bank is a must have, as it:

:: Provides you with test questions that professors will use on the exams right out of this test bank.
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Complete Test Bank Content:
Part 1 Scientific Foundations
Chapter 1: What Is Stress?
Chapter 2: Stress Psychophysiology
Chapter 3: Stress and Illness/Disease
Chapter 4: Stress and the College Student
Part 2 General Applications: Life-Situation and Perception Interventions
Chapter 5: Intervention
Chapter 6: Life-Situation Interventions: Intrapersonal
Chapter 7: Life-Situation Interventions: Interpersonal
Chapter 8: Perception Interventions
Chapter 9: Spirituality and Stress
Part 3 General Applications: Relaxation Techniques
Chapter 10: Meditation
Chapter 11: Autogenic Training, Imagery, and Progressive Relaxation
Chapter 12: Other Relaxation Techniques
Part 4 General Applications: Physiological Arousal and Behavior Change Interventions
Chapter 13: Physiological Arousal Interventions
Chapter 14: Strategies for Decreasing Stressful Behaviors
Chapter 15: Diversity and Stress
Part 5 Specific Applications
Chapter 16: Occupational Stress
Chapter 17: Family Stress

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