Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change, 2nd Canadian Edition Test Bank by Silberberg, Amateis, Lavieri, Venkateswaran

Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change, 2nd Canadian Edition Test Bank

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Name: Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change, 2nd Canadian Edition
Author: Martin Silberberg Dr. , Patricia Amateis, Sophie Lavieri, Rashmi Venkateswaran
Edition: 2
ISBN-10: 1259087115
ISBN-13: 978-1259087110
Type: Test Bank

From Chapters: 01-25, Appendix A,B,C,D,E,F,G (Complete Chapters), Odds and Evens

The file contains COMPLETE Test Bank questions to ALL chapters in the main textbook.

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Complete Test Bank Content:
Chapter 1 Keys to the Study of Chemistry
Chapter 2 The Components of Matter
Chapter 3 Stoichiometry and Chemical Equations
Chapter 4 Gases and the Kinetic-Molecular Theory
Chapter 5 Thermochemistry: Energy Flow and Chemical Change
Chapter 6 Quantum Theory and Atomic Structure
Chapter 7 Electron Configuration and Chemical Periodicity
Chapter 8 Models of Chemical Bonding
Chapter 9 The Shapes of Molecules
Chapter 10 Theories of Covalent Bonding
Chapter 11 Intermolecular Forces: Liquids, Solids, and Phase Changes
Chapter 12 The Properties of Mixtures: Solutions and Colloids
Chapter 13 Periodic Patterns in the Main-Group Elements
Chapter 14 Kinetics: Rates and Mechanisms of Chemical Reactions
Chapter 15 Equilibrium: The Extent of Chemical Reactions
Chapter 16 Acid-Base Equilibria
Chapter 17 Ionic Equilibria in Aqueous Systems
Chapter 18 Thermodynamics: Entropy, Gibbs Energy, and the Direction of Chemical Reactions
Chapter 19 Electrochemistry: Chemical Change and Electrical Work
Chapter 20 Organic Compounds and the Atomic Properties of Carbon
Chapter 21 Organic Reaction Mechanisms
Chapter 22 Special Topics in Organic Chemistry
Chapter 23 The Elements in Nature and Industry
Chapter 24 Transition Elements and Their Coordination Compounds
Chapter 25 Nuclear Reactions and Their Applications
Appendix A Common Mathematical Operations in Chemistry
Appendix B Standard Thermodynamic Values for Selected Substances
Appendix C Equilibrium Constants for Selected Substances
Appendix D Standard Electrode (Half-Cell) Potentials
Appendix E Infrared Absorptions for Representative Functional Groups
Appendix F 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Shifts
Appendix G Brief Answers to Selected Problems

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