Core Topics in Airway Management 3rd Edition eTextbook by Tim Cook, Michael Seltz Kristensen

Core Topics in Airway Management 3rd Edition eTextbook by Tim Cook, Michael Seltz Kristensen

Complete eTextbook Content:
Section 1: Airway Management: Background and Techniques
1. Anatomy
2. Physiology of Apnoea, Hypoxia and Airway Reflexes
3. The Epidemiology of Airway Management Complications
4. Structured Planning of Airway Management
5. Pre-anaesthetic Airway Assessment
6. Pre-anaesthetic Airway Endoscopy, Real and Virtual
7. Ultrasonography for Airway Management
8. Oxygenation: before, during and after Airway Management
9. Awake Tracheal Intubation
10. Drugs for Airway Management
11. How to Avoid Morbidity from Aspiration of Gastric Content to the Lungs
12. Face Mask Ventilation
13. Supraglottic Airways
14. Tracheal Intubation: Direct Laryngoscopy
15. Tracheal Tube Introducers (Bougies), Stylets and Airway Exchange Catheters
16. Tracheal Intubation Using the Flexible Optical Bronchoscope
17. Videolaryngoscopy
18. Expiratory Ventilation Assistance and Ventilation through Narrow Tubes
19. Multimodal Techniques for Airway Management
20. Front of Neck Airway (FONA)
21. Extubation
Section 2: Airway Management: Clinical Settings and Subspecialties
22. The Airway in Obstetrics
23. The Paediatric Airway
24. Airway Management in Obesity
25. Maxillofacial and Dental Surgery
26. Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery: Airway Management
27. Lung Separation
28. Airway Management in the Critically Ill
29. The Patient with a Tracheostomy
30. Pre-hospital and Trauma Airway Management
31. Airway Management during CPR
32. The Bloody and Bleeding Airway
33. The Airway in Anaesthesia for Transoral Robotic Surgery
Section 3: Airway Management: Organisation
34. Departmental and Hospital Organisation
35. Training in Airway Management
36. Human Factors in Airway Management
37. Decontamination of Airway Equipment
38. Airway Management in a Respiratory Epidemic or Pandemic

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Name: Core Topics in Airway Management 3rd Edition
Author: Tim Cook, Michael Seltz Kristensen
Edition: 3
ISBN-10: 1108419534
ISBN-13: 978-1108419536
Type: eTextbook

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